Lab Alumni

Sally Hyojin Kim, Ph.D. – Scientist at Life Edit Therapeutics
Noah Miller, B.S.- Graduate Student, UNC Neuroscience Curriculum
Bin Gu, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Ohio State University
Mike Sidorov, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Children’s National Hospital
Kiran Bettadapur, Ph.D. – Senior Research Investigator at Biocon
HM Lee, Ph.D. – St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital
Bram Kuijer, M.S. – Ph.D. student in biomedical engineering at Dartmouth college
Ellen Clark – Medical student (M.D.) at University of Colorado
Ralf Schmid, Ph.D. – Research director at Univ. of Pennsylvania Gene Therapy Program
Rebekah Nash, M.D./Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Department of Psychiatry at UNC-Chapel Hill
Alexander Kloth, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Augustana University
Courtney Thaxton, Ph.D. – Biocurator, Berg Lab at UNC
Kelly Jones, Ph.D. – Medical Writer at Quintiles
Megumi Williamson, D.D.S., M.S., Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at University of Iowa
Angela Mabb, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Georgia State University
Janet Berrios, Ph.D. – Postdoctoral Fellow in Brad Lowell lab at Harvard
Portia Kunz, Ph.D. – Faculty Instructor at Ragsdale High School
Rylan Larsen, Ph.D. – Scientist I at Allen Institute for Brain Science
Mike Wallace, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at Boston University Medical School
Hsien-Sung Huang, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at National Taiwan University
Koji Yashiro, Ph.D. – Director of Business Development and Licensing at Merck, Japan
Rebekah Corlew, Ph.D. – Project Director, Mass Media Fellowship at AAAS
Maile Henson, Ph.D. – Research Development Associate at Duke University
Thorfinn Riday, Ph.D. – Postdoc in Agulhon lab at Paris Descartes University
Adam Roberts, Ph.D. – Assistant Professor at California State University-Fullerton