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Rescue of behavioral and electrophysiological phenotypes in a Pitt-Hopkins syndrome mouse model by genetic restoration of Tcf4 expression. Kim H, Gao EB, Draper A, Berens NC, Vihma H, Zhang X, Higashi-Howard A, Ritola KD, Simon JM, Kennedy AJ, Philpot BD. (2022) ELife

Dual-isoform hUBE3A gene transfer improves behavioral and seizure outcomes in Angelman syndrome model mice. Judson MC, Shyng C, Simon JM, Davis CR, Punt AM, Salmon MT, Miller NW, Ritola KD, Elgersma Y, Amaral DG, Gray SJ, Philpot BD. (2021) JCI Insight

Collaborative Cross mice reveal extreme epilepsy phenotypes and genetic loci for seizure susceptibility. Gu B, Shorter JR, Williams LH, Bell TA, Hock P, Dalton KA, Pan Y, Miller DR, Shaw GD, Philpot BD, Pardo-Manuel de Villena F. (2020). Epilepsia.

Visual Sequences Drive Experience-Dependent Plasticity in Mouse Anterior Cingulate Cortex. Sidorov MS, Kim H, Rougie M, Williams B, Siegel JJ, Gavornik JP, Philpot BD. (2020). Cell Reports.

Cannabidiol attenuates seizures and EEG abnormalities in Angelman syndrome model mice. Gu B, Zhu M, Glass MR, RougiĆ© M, Nikolova VD, Moy SS, Carney PR, Philpot BD. (2019). J Clin Invest.

Ube3a reinstatement mitigates epileptogenesis in Angelman syndrome model mice. Gu B, Carstens KE, Judson MC, Dalton KA, RougiĆ© M, Clark EP, Dudek SM, Philpot BD. (2019). J Clin Invest.

Characterization and structure-activity relationships of indenoisoquinoline-derived topoisomerase I inhibitors in unsilencing the dormant Ube3a gene associated with Angelman syndrome. Lee HM, Clark EP, Kuijer MB, Cushman M, Pommier Y, Philpot BD. (2018). Mol Autism.

Abnormal coherence and sleep composition in children with Angelman syndrome: a retrospective EEG study. den Bakker H, Sidorov MS, Fan Z, Lee DJ, Bird LM, Chu CJ, Philpot BD. (2018). Mol Autism.

Enhanced Operant Extinction and Prefrontal Excitability in a Mouse Model of Angelman Syndrome. Sidorov MS, Judson MC, Kim H, Rougie M, Ferrer AI, Nikolova VD, Riddick NV, Moy SS, Philpot BD. (2018). J Neurosci.

Common Pathophysiology in Multiple Mouse Models of Pitt-Hopkins Syndrome. Thaxton C, Kloth AD, Clark EP, Moy SS, Chitwood RA, Philpot BD. (2018). J Neurosci.